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What to Expect?

A lot of my posts are Christian themed. Most of them coming from daily Bible challenges, messages that I’ve taken from different books of the Bible, and my Christian experiences. I invite you to grow your faith with me!

I also post lifestyle and food posts, along with some other things that I love.


About Me


As I said earlier, I’m a college student who loves social media but there’s obviously more to me than that. I live in Pittsburgh, which I love. It’s a wonderfully easy city to explore and that has a lot to offer, especially for young people. I’m going to school to be a graphic designer. I’m also getting married the year of 2018, so you’ll see some posts about weddings for sure!

I love chocolate and dogs if you haven’t already guessed. They’re two of my favorite things, and this is what inspired me to find my “theme”. Things I love!